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SHAPE Place is an interactive application that helps organisations assess the optimum location for services and the impact of service reconfigurations on populations. The application is free to use for the public sector, delivered under a license agreement for the Department of Health and Social Care. SHAPE Place is preloaded with over 100 national data sets and overlays public health information, demographics and their make up, with information on estate and location and performance. The published data is updated either monthly or quarterly depending on the data source. There are also lots of tools that can be used to support scenario planning. The flexible geographies and catchment creation functionality enables a comprehensive overview of a locality and its needs.

Features and datasets

  • NHS organisations, boundaries and sites  
  • Local infrastructure information
  • Primary care patients, workforce make up, dispensing data, practice information and contracts  including CQC information
  • Population demographics and projections, including ethnicity, deprivation, poverty, disease prevalence and new census data   
  • Environmental data  including flooding, nitrogen dioxide levels, sulphur dioxide levels and particulate matter levels
  • Data overlays  abilities
  • Travel time analysis  including driving routes to nearest sites, travel time by foot, bike, car or public transport and distance and boundary visualisations
  • Analysis tools including charts and tables, line graphs and RAG ratings 
  • Export capabilities  for the maps as PCF documents and selected data sets to excel.

A full list of inclusive location information and data overlays is available upon request.








User insights

To find out how colleagues working to improve public services are utilisng SHAPE, visit our user insights page.

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