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Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation (SHAPE) is a web enabled, evidence based application that informs and supports the strategic planning of services and assets across a whole health economy. Its analytical and presentation features can help service commissioners to determine the service configuration that provides the best affordable access to care.

SHAPE links national data sets clinical analysis, public health, primary care and demographic data with information on healthcare estates performance and facilities location. The application also includes a fully integrated Geographical Information System mapping tool and supports travel time analysis.

Access to the SHAPE Place Atlas is free to NHS professionals and Local Authority professionals with a role in Public Health or Social Care. Access to the application is by formal registration and licence agreement.

The primary aim of the application is to facilitate scenario planning and option appraisal in support of STPs. Specifically, the SHAPE Place Atlas helps organisations consider the following:

  • evaluation of the impact of service configuration on populations
  • assess the optimum location of services

by providing:

  • an accessible online tool for STP stakeholders
  • key indicators and data about the STP with a focus on health inequalities and equity of service.
  • flexible geographies including STP, CCG, LA, ward and LSOA
  • a comprehensive overview of the STP’s NHS estate
  • functionality to enable users to flexibly evaluate and test the impact of plans
  • support for GP Primary Care Networks

Content and functionality

  • Primary Care: GP practice and branch practice; Health Centres & Clinic; Pharmacy and GP dispensing practice
  • Secondary Care: Hospital: Acute, Community or Specialist; Treatment / Intermediate Care Centre
  • Other: Care homes; Children’s centre; Dental service; Mental health facility; Non-clinical administration & support; Optician
  • Organisation: NHS Trust; NHS Property Services; LIFT
  • Infrastructure: Ambulance service; Prison; Railway station; School


  • Create temporary new site locations
  • Basemaps: Ordnance Survey Open Data; satellite
  • Demographics: Output Area Classification; Workplace zones; Fuel poverty
  • Environment: Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea; Nitrogen Dioxide levels; Particulate Matter levels; Sulphur Dioxide levels
  • Boundaries: LSOA; Postcode; Ward; Local Authority; CCG; Westminster constituency; STP
  • Usage boundaries: Education sites; Medical Care sites; Open greenspace and access points


  • Driving routes to nearest sites
  • Index visible sites on map and cross-reference to listing
  • Distance and boundary buffer visualisation
Travel times and distance for one or more sites.

  • Walk by time
  • Walk by distance
  • Cycle
  • Car, including rush hour option
  • Public transport, options for to or from sites; and weekday morning, afternoon or evening travel times


  • Export catchment with deprivation and population details by LSOA.
  • ONS population estimates: Population density; Age profile
  • DfT journey times: GP practices and hospitals
  • Census 2011: Ethnicity
  • Deprivation: IMD and nine domains
  • QOF recorded prevalence: 21 disease classifications
  • Dementia: prevalence for ages 0-64 and 65+
  • Hospital Episode Statistics: elective and none elective activity by HRG, ICD10 and OPCS
  • GP practice registered patients: location catchment and age profile
  • GP practice commissioning boundary
  • GP practice workforce: by age and role
  • NHS providers CQC registration: latest service definition and quality assessment
  • Export map pages to PDF documents in Google Chrome and Safari
  • Export site list as Excel spreadsheet
  • Bookmark map configuration to return to previous views
  • Extensive inline help panels
  • Online help chat available between 9am and 5pm


Latest changes

CQC assessment rating and details
Urgent & Emergency cate sites
Primary Care Networks support
User added locations
IMD top 10% highlight layer
Key supermarket sites layer



Recent updates

Ordnance Survey Open Greenspace

OS Open Greenspace updated: now using October 2019 data.

The Government initiative to make it easier for people to locate and access greenspaces has released a new version of its digital map data identifying accessible recreational and leisure greenspace in Great Britain. The data is available as a layer overlay within the SHAPE Place Atlas.


Multiple site selection

You can now see focus panel details of more than one site at a time.

This allows the visualisation of combined registered patient catchments and overlaid commissioning boundaries for multiple GP Practices.

Site’s LSOA indicator value

The site list now displays the indicator value for the individual site’s surrounding LSOA when viewing demographic and deprivation indicators. The sites are sortable by indicator value and the data is appended to the Excel spreadsheet export.

Register for access

Access to the SHAPE Place Atlas is free to NHS professionals and Local Authority professionals with a role in Public Health or Social Care. Access to the application is by formal registration and licence agreement.

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Supported browsers

Latest standards-compliant browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Screen resolutions from 1280x800 pixels.

Local Atlas configurations

Parallel offer SHAPE Local where you can have your own bespoke Atlas which inherits all of the current and future updates of SHAPE Place, paired with your local data and sites.

Contact for further information.


The SHAPE team welcome feedback or suggestions from new or existing users. This approach has underpinned the continued development and improvement of the application and if you have any suggestions you can email us at


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