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Does your practice or PCN admin team spend time searching postcodes on google to register new patients, only to discover they live outside your catchment area?

Catchment Check is a new tool to make it easy to see at a glance if a patient’s postcode falls within your practice catchment boundary area.

Register new patients quicker | Get an answer at the touch of a button | Avoid human error | Free up staff time

Using data mapping technology

Catchment Check uses data mapping technology to determine where a patient lives in relation to the GP practice boundary they wish to join. Staff can enter the patient’s postcode, which will show them their location on the map and whether it’s within the practice’s catchment.

Developed by data mapping company Parallel, who is responsible for the Department of Health & Social Care backed data analysis tool SHAPE, the tool offers a simple and cost effective way for practices to manage their patient lists.

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Make efficiency savings:

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to register new patients, and get an immediate answer on whether a patient is eligible for your list. It’s an invaluable tool if your practice has complex boundaries, and means your team don’t need comprehensive local knowledge or have to look through complicated, outdated spreadsheets.

Catchment Check is a much quicker and efficient way of working, freeing up your practice team’s time to concentrate on providing the best service for patients. Rather than manually checking against lists of postcodes, Catchment Check lets you check whether a patient is eligible at the touch of a button, and takes the possibility of human error out of the process.

Bespoke to your catchment area boundary

Once you sign up, you’ll get a bespoke link pre-populated with your catchment area boundaries, which any staff member in your practice can access.

All your admin team need to do is enter a prospective patient’s postcode, and you’ll get an immediate answer on whether they’re eligible or not.

GP Catchment

Trial it for free

If you’d like to know about how the GP Catchment Tracker Tool could help you, you can trial it for 10 days, free of charge.

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"Catchment Check is available to all GP practices across England and offers them a much more efficient approach to informing new patients whether they can join their list or not."

Giles Billingsley SHAPE Senior Developer

GP Catchment Check costs

Our GP Catchment Check tool is really cost effective, compared to the time you’ll save.

Annual costs vary depending on the size of your practice.