Enabling collaboration across One Public Estate

Public sector partners across the country are using SHAPE Services to develop joint approaches to tackle inequalities.

As part of the Government’s Levelling Up agenda and drive for One Public Estate (OPE), stakeholders are collaborating more closely to look at how projects can be delivered as a whole, pooling resources and prioritising capital spend to where it will have the most impact for communities, with a particular focus on areas of deprivation.

The OPE programme supports locally-led partnerships of public sector bodies to collaborate around their public service delivery strategies and estate needs, looking at the current status of projects, their estate and areas of the greatest need for investment.

OPE leads across the country are bringing stakeholders together to understand their aspirations and priorities to enable them to create a pipeline of schemes that are ready to be developed when funding becomes available.

Parallel was commissioned by estates consultancy and management business Community Ventures to develop a solution for displaying multiple data sets in a simple, visual and easy to digest format for all parties to understand. The team then provided the relevant outputs and supported in the delivery of stakeholder workshops to prioritise projects.

Community Ventures wanted to use SHAPE to identify and shortlist the most relevant locations for capital projects based on factors such as population density, deprivation and disease prevalence.

Peter Jones, Area Director for Community Ventures, said:

“Our OPE partners needed to combine multiple data sets from various sources to give them a single view of their locality to help understand the greatest areas of need for capital projects, and to ensure that understanding was based upon evidence rather than opinion.

“We were aware of the SHAPE software but wanted a solution which meant we didn’t have to learn the system and deal with lots of different data ourselves.

“The Parallel team were able to integrate all of our information into easy to understand visuals that gave us the details we needed to support our conversations and wider stakeholder engagement, meaning we could identify potential opportunities and projects which might otherwise have been missed.”

Michael Boland, Developer at Parallel said:

“Peter and his team really understood the benefit of place-based data and supporting visuals to engage with multiple stakeholders.”

“SHAPE Services gave this OPE project all the benefits of SHAPE, without the client’s team having to learn how to use the application, carry out the analysis and extract the required visuals – we did all of that for them, working as part of their extended team.”

For more information about SHAPE Services visit SHAPE Services or contact a member of the team on help@shapeatlas.net