Know your SHAPE

Think you know SHAPE? We’ve got several products and services can support you in making data driven decisions.


This is the version you’ll be familiar with – an interactive data mapping, analysis and data insight tool which supports your service and estate planning, and is free to use for the NHS and public sector.

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Everything you love about SHAPE Place, but with extra features, data sets and tools. Ideal for power users of SHAPE Place, or private sector consultants.

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Your map, your data, your analysis. A private, confidential workspace, prepopulated with national data plus your own data and bespoke functionality, to solve your specific estates or service challenges. Includes bespoke training to get the most out of your data.

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SHAPE Projects

Analysis and visualisation tools tailored to your project. From mapping applications to bespoke data driven websites and prepopulated toolkits, we’ll work with you to understand your project objectives and help you to define how data and technology can be utilised to support your goals.

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SHAPE Services

You ask the question, we provide the answer. All the benefits of SHAPE without having to learn to use the application, carry out the analysis or extract the required visuals – we do all that for you. The SHAPE team will plot the visualisations required on your behalf, and provide analysis and outputs to support your business case, strategy or report. It saves you time and enables you to focus on the parts of the project that only you can deliver.

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