Maximise your vaccination uptake

SHAPE’s the ideal tool for making sure you get the most out of your winter flu vaccination campaign. Visualise your data and find out where to target your promotion to get the best uptake rates.

With SHAPE Local, you can map your flu vaccine uptake data against GP practices, and even break it down by cohorts (under 2s, over 65s, at risk patients etc) along with overlaying demographic information. At a glance, you can view areas which have the lowest uptake of the vaccine for each cohort. Targets can be assigned to quickly identify areas falling below the target along with being able to see correlations and contrasts between different parts of your region.

Several regional areas are already using SHAPE Local to co-ordinate their flu or COVID vaccine roll-outs, and we’re talking to others who want to sign up ahead of winter.

One SHAPE user who’s been involved with vaccine mapping said: “It’s been really useful to visualise the data on SHAPE, and I’ve seen how it’s helped maximise vaccine take-up. It avoids having to look at loads of huge spreadsheets, and it’s so easy to see which areas are running behind target. It makes it easy to target campaigns where they’re needed most.”

Interested in boosting your vaccine rate? Get in touch to find out how to import your flu vaccination data into SHAPE Local –