New census data now in SHAPE

The new updated demographic information is now in SHAPE.

The population estimates use the newest figures, which come from the latest 2022 census information that has just been released.

This will include full population counts, including demographic information such as age, gender and location. We’ll also shortly be updating ethnicity data to the most recent information, as that will be released separately.

This means you can use the most accurate and up-to-date information when looking at population needs and related services, giving you the knowledge that your strategies and decisions are based on the most recent, most reliable information.

There are several ways that organisations across the public sector are using SHAPE population data to inform strategic planning, including:

• Mapping GP and pharmacy catchment areas and zone boundaries
• Planning for the future of their workforce
• Service relocations in relation to population health needs
• Locating vaccination pop-ups and identifying where to target vaccination campaigns to get the best result
• Benchmarking against other similar organisations
• Infrastructure and estates planning

The updated population information is available across all our SHAPE products, including SHAPE Place, which is free to use for the public sector.

If you’d like to find out more about SHAPE, and how we can assist you with data mapping and intelligence, get in touch.