Our community is taking shape

Achyut Ratkanthiwar, our Data and Information Analyst, gives you an update about the new SHAPE Community:

“Thanks to everyone who’s put themselves forward to join the SHAPE Community, giving feedback and testing products ahead of roll out.

Our goal through setting up the SHAPE Community is to get user’s valuable feedback on how SHAPE is working for them, and where we can add, adjust and amends features to ensure SHAPE gives you the data and answers that you need.

Thirty SHAPE champions have been chosen to join the community, and they’ll shortly be receiving a survey to gather their initial feedback about SHAPE. We’ll analyse the results, identify any areas we can work on, and do some one-to-one interviews and group brainstorming sessions to delve deeper into what people want from SHAPE.

Once we’ve got an idea of areas where we can improve SHAPE, we’ll develop some of the most important, test them with our champions, then roll them out to all SHAPE users. You can expect to see the first community developed ideas early in the new year, so look out for future updates in this newsletter!

Are you interested in become a SHAPE Community member? If so, drop us a line at help@shapeatlas.net and we’ll be in touch.”