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CHP and NAPC, on behalf of NHSEI, have produced a PCN Service and Estate Planning Toolkit, to provide PCNs with a flexible framework and support process for producing robust primary care investment plans with clear priorities that align to wider ICS strategies. The toolkit has been developed from the published guidance; Primary Care Networks: Critical thinking in developing an estate strategy, into practical tools for use and application.

The toolkit has been designed to be supported by the Primary Care Data Gathering collection, linked to the SHAPE atlas with the ability to pre-populate a template with existing information per PCN.

To access the full Toolkit please complete the following form. Upon completion and submission you’ll be shown a link to download a zip file containing the full suite of documents.

NAPC webinar: Introduction to PCN Service and Estate Toolkit

Launch event content

View the video on YouTube: youtube.com

Download the presentation slide pack: Service and Estates Toolkit launch presentation

Download the Q&As: Service and Estates Toolkit launch Q&A

For support and queries, please contact PCNToolkit@communityhealthpartnerships.co.uk

Please Note:
A full web-enabled function for the Toolkit will be released in 2022, enabling a central repository for version control, refresh and data update capabilities for relevant PCN SHAPE users and wider stakeholders.

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