Updated Community Diagnostic Centre datasets now available within SHAPE

In June NHS England updated the CDC datasets held within SHAPE, and will continue to update this information on a monthly basis for all users of SHAPE to access.

The data includes the location and archetype of all approved CDCs, with the option to filter to identify those sites already open.

This information will be openly available for all users of SHAPE Place, thanks to NHS England.

CDCs provide a broad range of elective diagnostics away from acute facilities, where possible, reducing pressure on hospitals and providing quicker access to tests and greater convenience to patients. The model of care delivered by CDCs promotes improved accessibility and convenience for patients by co-ordinating all necessary diagnostic tests and, wherever possible, under one roof in a single visit.

A key aim of CDCs is to reduce health inequalities across local populations that are driven by unwarranted variation in referrals, access, uptake, experience and outcomes of diagnostic provision. Finding the right location is essential for a successful CDC. In implementing CDCs, ICBs across the country have used SHAPE to support a thorough evaluation of the most appropriate locations, including consideration for accessibility and addressing inequality and deprivation.

With tests such as MRI scans, CT scans, X-Rays, ultrasounds and a range of respiratory and cardiology tests available, SHAPE enabled ICBs to map demand across an area, and find out where they can be positioned to benefit the most people.

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